The objectives of the Roads Enterprise Development Programme are as follows:

  • Infrastructure Development and Maintenance

  • The programme seeks to provide infrastructure development work opportunities to ensure that there are sustainable prospects for Small Business/ Enterprises

  • Industrial transformation

  • The programme seeks to ensure that the statistics from the CIDB register are transformed to ensure equivalent opportunities for disadvantaged individuals either through enterprise development or employment opportunities

  • Capacity Development

  • Enterprises are capacitated to handle bigger contracts, and to move up in the CIBD contractor rating, thereby ensuring enterprise growth and development

  • Cutting Costs

  • Previously infrastructure development and upgrade used contractors from outside the province. The REDP initiative ensures homegrown enterprises that have the skills across the board to deliver on various types of construction and roads projects.

    The below table illustrates the registry totals as at 29th January 2010

    The scope for development was further augmented to include the following:

  • Emerging Material Suppliers and Manufacturers

  • Emerging Mechanics

  • Social Facilitators