Welcome to the home of the Roads Enterprise Development Programme (REDP), a pioneering project of the Department of Roads and Public Works (DRPW) managed and implemented by the Coega Development Corporation (CDC) on its behalf in the Eastern Cape Province. The project is supervised by the Coega’s CDC Services business unit. The REDP began in 2010 and is a three-year enterprise development programme targeting Contractors, Material Suppliers, Quarry Operators, Plant Hires, Consultants and Mechanics on road infrastructure construction and maintenance in the region.

This multi-faceted programme is being rolled out in all municipal districts in the Eastern Cape from Joe Gqabi District Municipality, Chris Hani District Municipality, Alfred Nzo District Municipality, Cacadu District Municipality and Amathole Municipality to OR Tambo District Municipality. It also includes the Metropolitan municipalities of Nelson Mandela Bay and Buffalo City.

With infrastructure development being one of the top priorities for government, the strategic intent for the programme is founded on ensuring the promotion of principles of Government policy initiatives such as the Provincial Growth Development Plan (PGDP), Extended Public Works Programme (EPWP) and improving infrastructure planning. The focus is on disadvantaged areas and nodal developments, with more emphasis on life cycle planning, particularly to maintenance planning.

The programme inception is then founded on the development strategy for 500 contractors from the Eastern Cape registered in the Construction Industries Development Board (CIDB) register within Grade 1 to 7. The programme further founds its principles on the CDC Contractor to Contractor Mentorship and is also guided by the EPWP guidelines.

The CDC has been appointed therefore as an implementing agent that will take full accountability of the programme from mobilization to close-up report of delegated projects. With its expertise and experience in developing huge infrastructure projects like the Coega IDZ, the CDC’s main responsibilities are facilitation, organising, monitoring, evaluating, liaising with stakeholder, reporting on the programme , training and mentoring of mainly Small Medium and Micro-Enterprises (SMMEs) such as contractors, material suppliers, quarry operators, plant hires, consultants and mechanics under the REDP initiative. The CDC is also accountable for the appointment of mentors on behalf of the DRPW for the adopted Contractor Development Levels.

The strategic objective of the programme is to create capacity within the province to deliver roads infrastructure. REDP is geared to steer and advance skills, entrepreneurship as well as job creation across the six district municipality and two metros of the province while delivering on local infrastructure and socio-economic development.

The total number of jobs that have been created is 5108 against a target of 5000, achieving over 100%

The total investment for the pilot project from July 2010 to March 2011 was R103-million; and from April 2011 to March 2012 was R450-million. The projected investment for the FY 2012/13 is R550-million

The number of contractors that have been upgraded on the CIDB register is 88 from April 2011 to March 2012.


There are 8 Mentor contractors, 15 Mentor civil engineering consultants, and 35 Mentee civil engineering consultants.

There also 5 SHEQ Mentor consultants, and 12 SHEQ Mentee consultants

There are 44 Social Facilitators

There are 20 Plant Hire and Quarry Operators

The target for the SMME’s contractor database was 500 contractors. The REDP programme has achieved 765 SMME’s contractors currently on the database


Delivering economic growth to the Eastern Cape through the Road Enterprise Development Programme

The REDP programme provides a developmental platform for the emerging businesses in the roads construction supply chain in the six Eastern Cape Districts and Two Metros in three years.

Furthermore, the REDP programme seeks to provide quality infrastructure, whilst achieving socio-economic and skills development in the Eastern Cape.

The REDP programme utilises the Mentor-Mentee model whereby consultants and constructors with in-depth in-house experience in roads planning, design, construction, and management will be used as Mentors for upcoming consultants and constructors with limited experience in roads, planning, design, and construction management who will be engaged as Mentees.


The Programme represents an opportunity for communities to participate in a socio-economic development process including opportunities for employment, small enterprise development & training, skills development and transfer, and through business support and mentorship.

The output is the delivery of roads infrastructure which creates opportunities for access, trade, distribution and transport, as well as fast tracking service delivery.

The REDP is a vehicle for socio-economic upliftment and it connects people, markets and opportunities through the provision of roads and bridges.