The Roads Enterprise Development Programme is pioneering in its approach and commendable in its execution. The three year enterprise development programme targeting construction contractors, material suppliers, quarry operators, plant hires, consultants and mechanics – and ensuring their development to grow to meet the demands of infrastructure development.

At the crux of the rationale for the REDP is the need to create an enabling environment for accelerated growth of small enterprises following a history characterised by the dominance of large, capital intensive companies and the continued neglect of small enterprises. Achieving this is no easy feat and has required the commitment of national and provincial government and the support of state-owned enterprises like the Coega Development Corporation.

The REDP has since evolved into one of the most progressive development programmes in South Africa, both well-funded and well-executed.

The programme trains, capacitates and develops enterprises while at the same time ensuring that major and very necessary roads upgrades are undertaken and delivered to the citizens of the Eastern Cape – thus ensuring mammoth return on investment – and delivering a “better life for all”.